Expand your Pool of Candidates

The workforce in Nova Scotia is changing. There is a decline in the overall population and as people are leaving the workforce there are more and more job openings. At the same time some population groups in Nova Scotia are underrepresented in the workforce or are not employed to their fullest capacity. These groups are great sources for potential workers.

Employers who tap into the full potential of the province's workforce by hiring diverse workers and building an inclusive work environment will compete more effectively than those who are unprepared

Diverse workers CAN BENEFIT YOUR COMPANY by bringing a great mix of skills, abilities, and perspectives to your workplace. Diversity can make it easier for your company to understand and respond to the marketplace and the needs of your clients. It can help you find a wider range of solutions for the business challenges you face every day.

Diversity means even more than that. It means recognizing the value of individual differences. When the different perspectives and experiences that people bring to the workplace are valued, the right conditions are in place for each person to their full potential. These conditions help build a work environment where all employees feel welcomed and valued. A welcoming environment help you find and hold on to your most valuable asset – YOUR EMPLOYEES.

It is important to consider how to reach diverse people and how to attract them to your workplace. Tips for this are provided on the following pages:

Ideas for Attracting Diverse Workers
Reaching Diverse Workers
Lists of Community Groups and Organizations
Aboriginal Peoples
African Nova Scotians
Persons with Disabilities
Older Workers