Recruiting Internationally

This is a photo of a globePeople from other countries have skills and talents that can contribution to your business. They are entitled to work in Canada under one of the four categories listed below. More information is available by clicking on the links provided.

Permanent Residents
These individual are legally entitled to work in Canada. No special process is required to hire permanent residents.

International Graduates
These are international students who recently graduated from their studies in Canada. A student visa must be obtained.

Temporary Foreign Workers
These are individual who are hired to work at specific jobs that cannot otherwise be filled by the Canadian work force. A special work is required.

International Students
International students may be eligible work in Canada. If eligible, they may work up to 20 hours per week while classes are in session, and full time during study breaks.

Information Sources
Nova Scotia Immigration has a website dedicated to helping businesses understand how to hire international workers. Access this website to access the Nova Scotia Employer's Guide to Hiring International Workers.

For additional information on recruiting internationally, you can visit Citizenship and Immigration Canada.