Welcoming Workplaces

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Business Case for Diversity – What can Welcoming Workplaces do for your company?

Diversity Assessment Tool – a tool to help you get started

Employers who tap into the full potential of the province’s workforce by building a welcoming and inclusive work environment are poised to better attract and retain workers and compete more effectively than those who remain unprepared.  Four Pillars in your company that can be strengthened to create a welcoming and inclusive workplace:

Pillar # 1: Commitment

Pillar # 1: CommitmentLeadership and commitment are key to creating a welcoming workplace.

Pillar # 2: Hiring Practices

Pillar # 2: Hiring Practices Fair and equitable hiring practices are critical to building diversity in the workplace.

Pillar # 3: Employees

Pillar # 3: EmployeesCreate buy-in and support employees to adopt your company’s commitment to diversity.

Pillar # 4: Partnerships & Supports

Pillar # 4: Partnerships & SupportsMany community groups, organizations and resources are available to help you build an inclusive and welcoming workplace.

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