Monitor Progress

Creating a Welcoming Workplace is an ongoing effort. To ensure your commitment to having a diverse workplace remains a priority, you will want to monitor, review and gather feedback so that you can see what is working and what is not and ensure that the changes you are making are having a positive effect.


  • Set specific goals and timeframes to check in and evaluate your progress
  • Follow the guidelines you set out in your strategic plan to evaluate the progress you are making toward specific goals
  • Hold regular meetings with management, your Diversity Champion, or both, to keep supporting them and to help you keep moving forward
  • Make yourself accountable to others. Update managers and employees quarterly on the progress your company has made


  • Take time once a year to re-evaluate your workplace, use the Diversity Assessment tool
  • Make a note of the changes you have made and celebrate these changes
  • Identify areas where you need to do better and set new goals and objectives to help you make appropriate changes

Gather Feedback

  • Give employees a chance to talk about the changes you make. Interview employees, ask them to fill out a survey, or hold an open meeting to get their feedback. Ask them how well the changes you’ve put in place have succeeded. Make sure the employee knows that their responses will be confidential and will not affect their references or letters of recommendation.
  • Talk to people outside the company to find out if they’ve noticed any changes.
  • Use exit interviews to gather information from employees when they leave your company. Look for this type of information: the reason the person is leaving, training that would be useful to employees, goals for building good relations between employees and managers.

Check out the Diversity Champion Guide that was developed by SEED: Supporting Employers Embracing Diversity.



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