Engage Employees

It is important that your employees understand your company’s diversity plan and that they are engaged in moving forward to reach your goals. The following three strategies will help you create a sustainable plan that your workforce can understand and support.

Strategies to help you Create a Company Culture that is Welcoming and Inclusive:

  • Build diversity into your company’s values and strategic business goals. When you write your business goals, include strategies that will hold you accountable and give you room to build diversity into the foundation of the company (See the Commitment Pillar for more information).
  • Encourage employees to reflect the company’s diversity values in their goal setting and have management pay attention to these values in performance reviews.
  • Become your company’s Diversity Champion or invite someone to take on this important role. The Diversity Champion is responsible for leading the company in taking action on diversity and making sure you keep your commitments.

What is a Diversity Champion?

A diversity champion is a person who leads a company in taking action on diversity.

What does a Diversity Champion do?

A diversity champion:

  • Takes responsibility for all the diversity activities within your workplace.
  • Makes sure the company does not stray from their commitment to diversity and inclusion.
  • Identifies barriers and brings suggestions to management on how to keep the workplace fair and impartial.
  • Builds partnerships with other companies and organizations that focus on diversity.
  • Promotes the benefits of diversity in the workplace to co-workers.
  • Tracks the company’s progress and the actions it takes to create a workplace that is diverse and welcoming.

See the Diversity Champion Check List to get an idea of the activities that a Diversity Champion might take on.

How do you slect a Diversity Champion?

A Diversity Champion can be from any level of the company, and does not need to be an expert on diversity. You can ask for volunteers, invite employees to nominate a co-worker or directly appoint a Diversity Champion.

In selecting a Diversity Champion consider these qualities:

  • Listens well
  • Treats others with respect
  • Feels comfortable bringing employees’ concerns and suggestions to management
  • Feels comfortable communicating with people at all levels of the company
  • Takes the role seriously
  • Is able to take the time needed to do the work

How much time will it take to act as a Diversity Champion?

Like any new undertaking, the job may take more time at the beginning, but once the process has started it should take an average of an hour a week.

How does the Diversity Champion get started?

The following tools and guide developed by SEED (Supporting Employers Embracing Diversity) will help the Diversity Champion get started and will support a strong diversity initiative:



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