About Nova Scotia Works & the HR Toolkit

Employers in Nova Scotia are facing increasing recruitment and retention challenges as a result of demographic trends, globalization and other factors that are impacting the Nova Scotia labour market. As fewer and fewer young people enter the workforce and the number of retirees increases, employers find themselves in even greater competition for a shrinking pool of available workers.

Being able to find and keep the right workers, motivate them, and develop their skills is critical for attracting, hiring and retaining workers. The NS Works Human Resources Toolkit (the HR Toolkit) was designed to provide information and resources to help employers in Nova Scotia achieve these goals and compete in today's marketplace.

A team of Employer Engagement Specialists (EESs) who are dedicated to helping employers find, hire, develop and keep the talent they need for success is also available at no cost to Nova Scotia businesses.  Go to the Contact Us page to locate an EES in your area.