Performance Management

You can help make your company a more diverse and welcoming workplace by following these three practices as you manage your employees’ performance reviews:

1) Find ways to avoid bias when you evaluate employees
  • Allow employees to contribute to the setting of goals and measuring performance.
  • Encourage your employees and managers to find objective measures they can use when they do performance reviews.
  • Review employees’ goals and accomplishments with them regularly.
2) Support other managers as you develop and promote your diverse staff
  • Encourage employees to add goals related to their professional development as well as for their performance.
  • Hold review meetings regularly where managers talk to employees about their goals for professional development.
3) Hold employees accountable to support the company’s values and principles for diversity
  • Include the company’s core values and diversity values when you talk with employees about their goals.
  • Set clear expectations for employees so that they can behave in ways that fit with company’s values and culture.

Follow These Five Steps to Support Diversity in Management

Step1: Have employees and supervisors work together to complete a performance review. In doing so encourage them to develop a specific process including the creation of a template to follow so that it is consistent for everyone.

Step 2: Make sure supervisors and employees agree on the standards they will use to measure each goal. As much as possible, use objective measures to show an employee’s progress.

Step 3: Make sure that all employees include the same goals and objectives for creating a diverse workplace, and that everyone measures these goals in the same way. These goals are meant to hold staff accountable for supporting the values of your company.

Step 4: Have supervisors and employees do performance reviews every quarter. This process allows employees to look at what they have done, review their plans, and look for support from management.

Step 5: Review and modify these plans once a year, starting with Step 1 each time.



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