Benefits of a Diverse Workplace

This is a collage of diverse potential employees

The working age population in Nova Scotia is shrinking and employers are finding it more difficult to find and keep workers than ever before. Competition is going to get tougher yet. Statistics tell us that due to retirement of the baby boomer generation there will be 36,000 fewer workers in Nova Scotia by 2019.

Some pockets of the population are growing in number however and many are underrepresented in Nova Scotia workplaces. Aboriginal Peoples, African Nova Scotians, women, persons with disabilities, people of different cultures and ethnicities, immigrants, youth and older workers are groups that represent a rich source of potential employees for Nova Scotia businesses. Employers whose workplaces are open to diversity where all employees feel welcomed and valued will be more successful in recruiting and retaining people from diverse backgrounds.

As the population in Nova Scotia becomes more and more diverse, employers are seeing how employing people from a wide range of backgrounds, cultures and ethnicities makes it easier to understand and respond to the marketplace and the needs of the diverse clients.

Businesses that want to expand globally will benefit greatly by employing workers that have first had knowledge of the target market. For example if you were looking to expand into China, hiring a Chinese immigrant could be invaluable in helping you gain an understanding of the ins and out of the Chinese market and for identifying any cultural practices you should be aware of.

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