Create a Welcoming and Inclusive Environment

What is an Inclusive Workplace?

An inclusive workplace is one where employers have chosen the right person for the job regardless of their gender, sexual orientation, age, race, religion or disability. It is also a workplace where all employees are respected and where individual differences are valued.

When the different life experiences, perspectives, needs and abilities that people bring to the workplace are valued, respected and supported, the right conditions are in place for each person to achieve his or her full potential. These conditions help build an inclusive and welcoming work environment.

How to Build and Inclusive Environment

The best way to build an inclusive environment is to build principles of diversity into the foundation and structures of your company. The first step for doing this is to create a diversity statement. Like a mission statement, a diversity statement commits a company to taking specific steps.

A good example is the Diversity Statement on the McInnes Cooper website

"McInnes Cooper is committed to creating an inclusive workplace environment that values, respects and supports the different perspectives, cultures and experiences of our clients and our people. We believe that providing a workplace rich in diversity inspires all members of our team to realize their full potential and enhances our ability to deliver innovative and strategic solutions to our clients"

Or, your diversity statement could be incorporated into your company's values mission and vision as is the case at Pete's Footique. Commitment to Diversity is one of Pete's Promises. It reads

"Our commitment to diversity is evident in the way we do business. Partnerships with local organizations help us attract qualified and enthusiastic individuals from diverse communities. Diversity in our product as well as our people is what creates the vibrant atmosphere at Pete's.

At Pete's we not only value diversity, we celebrate it!"

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