Community Partners

Partners In The Community

Need to Find a Worker Right Now?
A number of organizations provide placement and financial supports to help specific groups of individuals find and keep meaningful employment. They may have workers who are job-ready and anxious to work for you.

Community groups have well-developed resources and networks. Developing relationships with them gives you access to these. A community group such as ISANS (Immigrant Services Association of Nova Scotia) knows how to help you find and talk to potential workers who come from many backgrounds – ones that you may overlook on your own.

What Can Community Groups Do For You?

  • Pre-screen people who want to apply to work at your company.
  • Support employees who need help around language or accessibility.
  • Get your job ads to the right people.
  • Give you a list of publications or media sources that will be useful as you become more diverse.
  • Help you learn how to create an unbiased process for recruiting employees.
  • Find someone from a community group to sit on your panels for job interviews.
  • Help you understand some of the challenges that people from diverse groups face.
  • Offer you training on how to be more culturally competent, so that you can understand and work with cultural differences.
  • Show you how to make your work environment more inclusive.
  • Point you to programs and resources that support diversity in the workplace.

Click on any of the following links to download a listing of community organizations and associations supporting:

Disability Organizations and Associations

First Nation Communities and First Nation Organizations

African Nova Scotia Organizations and Associations

Various Other Diversity Focused Organizations and Associations: immigrants, multi-cultural groups, women, youth

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