Online Recruiting Methods

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There are many ways to find new employees for your company. On-line recruiting is a very cost effective and efficient method.

The Internet is very popular with job seekers, especially young people. There are two ways of using the Internet to find the right person for your company: Job Posting Sites and Social Media

Job Posting Sites
Job posting sites allow you to place a job posting and use a résumé matching service.

Some of the most commonly used sites are:

Allstar Jobs
Career Beacon
The Coast Classifieds
Cream Quality Careers (Halifax Herald)
Direction Emploi
Job Bank
Job Junction
Kijiji Jobs
Nova Scotia Job Shop
Nova Scotia Tourism Talent

Social Media: Advertising and communications strategies are changing rapidly as a result of new social media. Companies who understand and use social media will be in a far better position to recruit more people. These media allow instant access by millions of people around the world. In many cases, you can create your own account and use these sites to let people know about your company and positions you have available.

Employers can post notices of job vacancies for free on most of the "social media networks".

These media are online sites that allow anyone to post messages of their own and respond to, or comment on messages posted by others. They are not controlled by the professional marketing firms as newspapers or TV stations are. Individuals and companies can open their own accounts, post their own information and contribute to ongoing discussions.

Some of the most popular social media are Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and MySpace. Most of these sites have free accounts and each site contains information to assist you in setting up and using your account, both of which are relatively easy. The number of sites grows almost daily, but once you start participating in online discussions, staying current becomes much simpler.

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