Other Supports

Direct Supports to Business

If you are looking for help in identifying other ways to find employees, professional associations and industry associations may be able to help you. The business organizations that are listed below provide assistance to their members. Some will provide limited assistance to non-members.

Aerospace and Defence Industry Association of Nova Scotia (902) 425-0070 catherine.macdonald@adians.ca
Atlantic Home Building and Renovation Sector Council Halifax:
(902) 240-1133
Toll Free: 1-800-565–2151

Digital Nova Scotia (902) 423-5332 info@digitalnovascotia.com
Health Care Human Resource Sector Council (902) 461-0871 everest@hcsc.ca
Nova Scotia Automotive Industry Health Care Human Resource Sector Council Halifax:
(902) 464-0168
Toll Free: 1-877-860-3805
Nova Scotia Boatbuilders Association (902) 832-4761 nsbatc@eastlink.ca
Nova Scotia Construction Human Resource Sector Council – Industrial – Commercial – Institutional (902) 742-6167 tsoholt@nscsc.ca
Nova Scotia Fisheries Human Resource Sector Council Yarmouth:
(902) 742-6167
Nova Scotia Forestry Human Resource Sector Council (902) 893-3257 tharper@fss.ns.ca
Restaurant Association of Nova Scotia Halifax:
(902) 429-5343
Toll Free:: 1-800-665-3463
Tourism Industry Association of Nova Scotia Human Resource Sector Council Halifax:
(902) 422-5853
Toll Free: 1-800-948-4267

Trucking Human Resource Sector Council Truro:
(902) 893-8410
Toll Free: 1-877-858-1908
Forest Product Association of Nova Scotia (902) 895-1179
(902) 895-1160

You can follow this link for a comprehensive listing of business and professional associations that may be able to assist you.