Employee Development

Performance Feedback

Even if your organization doesn't have a document performance appraisal system, the process is probably occurring informally. We all judge the quality of others' work regardless of whether those judgements are expressed or recorded.

Having a performance appraisal process can be very helpful tool for both setting and recognizing the achievement of goals and standards and for helping individuals in planning their own development. A good performance appraisal system promotes productivity by:

  • ensuring employees understand performance expectations
  • recognizing good performance
  • providing constructive feedback for improved performance
  • Identifying areas for development and training to help individuals succeed in their jobs and advance in their careers

Performance appraisals that genuinely encourage employee growth and development demonstrate that an organization is doing its share to help individuals advance.

Also key to a good performance appraisal system is integrating personal goals with organizational goals. People feel good about themselves and their employer when they do things that stretch their abilities and when they get recognition for those achievements.

A Sample Employee Performance Review is provided in this Toolkit. Use this form, or search the web for other examples, to help you customize a performance review form for your organization.

Training and Development

Helping employees grow and develop is a key factor in keeping and motivating employees. In fact, it is one of the most important factors. Building the skills and knowledge of workers and developing the management capacity of managers makes businesses more productive and better able to adapt to changes in the environment. Training and development makes sense any way you look at it.

Sending staff to off-site training classes and seminars is one way to train and develop your employees but it is not the only way. There are many other innovative and effective ways, right in the workplace and during working hours.

An entire section this toolkit is dedicated to the topic of Training and Development. In this section you will find tools, tips and guides to help determine the training needs for your business and understand the various training and development options that exist.

Information on available financial supports for hiring and training employees is also provided.