Create an Inclusive Workplace

This is a photo of two employees working togetherBeing included and feeling like you're important to a workplace is important to most employees. However each employee has their own unique work preferences and personal goals. A savvy manager recognizes this and builds a workplace that is welcoming and inclusive to all employees.

Building a workplace where differences in employees are valued and respected means being flexible, where possible, to the needs of individuals rather than applying one policy for all staff. It means linking employee goals and ambitions to the goals and future plans of the business and making sure your employees know how they fit into the big picture for the company, both now and in the future.

Employers who pay attention to those needs and invest some time and energy in creating inclusive workplaces spend less time, effort and money filling vacancies caused by staff leaving.

The following pages illustrate flexible work options for meeting the needs of individual employees and more tips on the ways you, as a business owner, can help create an inclusive workplace.

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