Respectful Workplace

What is a respectful workplace? It is a workplace where:

  • all employees feel valued;
  • communication is polite and considerate;
  • people are treated as they wish to be treated;
  • conflict is dealt with in a positive and respectful way;
  • disrespectful behaviour and harassment are addressed.

Some of the ways employers can build a respectful workplace are:


  • regularly provide training on respectful workplaces to all workers and management.
  • provide new employees with an orientation and review their rights, responsibilities and obligations towards other employees.

Policies & Practices

  • review policies and practices to make sure they encourage respect.
  • involve employees in the development of respectful workplace polices.
  • ensure that employees know what the policy is and have it posted in places where employees gather; for example the break room or lunch room.

Encourage Responsibility

  • hold supervisors, managers and employees responsible for their behaviour.
  • make sure that reporting relationships are clear and that each person has only one supervisor.
  • look into all complaints of disrespect and harassment.
  • consider respectful behaviour in performance reviews.

* Source: Modified from Building Better Workplaces

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