Labour Standards Code

Labour Standards Legislation

In Nova Scotia, the Labour Standards Code and its Regulations set the minimum compensation and conditions of employment that most employers must give their employees. The legislation outlines benefits such as minimum wage, vacation time and pay, holidays, overtime pay and various leaves such as pregnancy /parental leave. It also has rules about certain retail workers being permitted to refuse to work on designated retail closing days and rules about employing children, employing foreign workers, terminating employment, breaks and hours of labour.

The Code does not prohibit employers from offering more favorable compensation and conditions to employees.

The legislation applies to full and part-time employees, casual employees and term employees. It does not apply to teachers employed in a school established under the Education Act, independent contractors (sometimes referred to as self-employed workers) or federally regulated employers. Also, certain types of jobs are exempted from specific sections of the legislation.

The Guide to the Labour Standards Code of Nova Scotia, which is located on the Labour Standards Division website

The Labour Standards Code and Regulations can be accessed by clicking on the following link and searching the alphabetical list of legislation for Labour Standards Code:

For guidance on the requirements for your specific industry or situation, you are encouraged to contact the Labour Standards Division. Various contact options are listed on