Conduct Fair and Objective Interviews

The job interview is an important factor in choosing the right candidate for the position. It not only helps a manager get to know an applicant's skills and knowledge, but it also helps the applicant get to know the company.

The best way to interview someone is to decide what questions to use before the interview. This is called a structured interview. In a structured interview, you ask all applicants the same questions and evaluate all their answers in the same way. You can be more objective when you use structured interviews.

A major interviewing pitfall for employers is hiring the person who was the best talker rather than the right person for the job. Using a structured interview process and asking well thought out questions will help you avoid this pitfall.

How a Structured Interview Works

  • Interviewers ask all candidates the same questions.
  • All interview questions relate to the job description.
  • Questions focus on ways applicants behave using examples of the applicant's past behaviours.
  • Interviewers take notes during the interview.
  • A rating scale is used to rate the answer to each question and each possible response is assigned a score in advance so that all applicants are rated consistently.
  • Different weights can \ be assigned to each question according to the importance of the skill or knowledge.
  • Interviews are scored by totaling the scores for each question.

These aids will help you select interview questions and set up a guide for rating candidate responses.

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