Post the Job

Use information from your company brochures or your own knowledge of the company, and the information contained in the job description you just created, to create a job ad or posting. The job ad should summarize what your company does; describe in a short paragraph the general purpose of the job and the training and experience needed; and provide instructions on how and when to apply.

Some items must be included in a job posting; others are optional depending on your company policy and the particular posting. The bold items are usually essential.

  • job title
  • employer's name
  • location of the job
  • brief, to-the-point company description
  • to whom the position reports
  • outline of job role and purpose - expressed in the 'second-person' (you, your, etc)
  • outline of ideal candidate profile - expressed in 'second-person' including qualifications and experience required
  • salary or salary guide
  • whether the role is full-time, part-time, permanent or a short-term contract
  • other package details or guide (pension, car, etc.)
  • response and application instructions
  • contact details as necessary, for example, address, phone, fax, email, etc.
  • request for references
  • website address

Use this Job Posting Template to create a job posting for the position you want to fill.

Check the "Finding Workers" section for suggestions on how to reach potential applicants and how to how to expand your usual pool of candidates.

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