Communicating Your Commitment to Diversity

How to embed the principles of diversity into your organization

Once you have laid the principles of diversity into the foundation and structures of your company by writing your diversity statement, establishing policies and practice guidelines and setting goals it is important to communicate internally to employees and externally to customers and other stakeholders.

Consider using some or all of the following strategies to communicate your commitment to diversity and build a culture of inclusion.

  • Let all your employees know your strategy and make sure they can easily source, understand and share your company policies and practices and your goals.  Post your diversity statement in a highly visible area such as a lunch room, staff lounge, and front reception.
  • Post your diversity statement on your company website, job postings, email signatures, newsletters and promotional materials. 
  • Display posters and wall art that highlights diversity in the workplace. Put these where everyone can see them to show your commitment to ‘walking the talk’ about your belief in diversity in the workplace.
  • Encourage activities that give your strategy life and keep it fresh and alive.  For instance: create a diversity calendar that highlights holidays from other cultures and traditions; share calendar dates that have been set aside for special awareness with everyone in the workplace; hold events, celebrations, and activities that focus on diversity; track your company’s efforts to create a diverse and welcoming workplace so that you can watch how your company evolves and develops.  Go the Employee Pillar - Work Environment for more ideas on creating a welcoming and inclusive work environment.
  • Demonstrate that your commitment is more than just words. Send updates to show the progress you are making towards your diversity goals.

Planning and implementing a strategy to communicate internally with employees and externally with clients and other stakeholders will help ensure that you achieve the desired outcomes for your organization, your employees and the workplace culture.   You may want to use the Diversity Communication Plan Template to plan your communication strategy.     




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