Company Policies and Practices

Having a diversity policy or embedding into existing policy can help you to optimize your diversity strategy. Diversity policies such as anti-bullying, anti-harassment, flexible work, grievance, complaints and safety raise awareness and understanding with staff, customers and other stakeholders.  They provide a clear case for action builds active leadership commitment and engages managers and employees at all levels.

Click here to download a Sample Diversity Policy and use the Diversity Policy Template to help you with writing your diversity policy.

Here are some key elements to consider when writing your diversity policy:

  • Know your obligations under the law.  Information is provided in the Relevant Laws section.
  • Outline complaint and investigation procedures should harassment or discrimination occur.
  • Identify the people in the company who are responsible for carrying out the policy.
  • Outline the responsibilities that people have under the policy, such as how to act when they become aware of behaviors that goes against the company’s policy and procedures. 
  • Explain how the policy will be monitored and enforced.
  • Outline the investigation procedures and what will happen if an employee has gone against the policy.
  • State how and when the company will let people know about the policy, such as making it part of a newsletter, performance review, orientation, or training program.
  • Give a timeline for reviewing the policy.
  • Define terms that you use in your policy. For example, a harassment policy should define what you mean by harassment, and include an example to make the definition clear.
  • Define recording and management information systems to measure progress against diversity goals.

Once you develop your policy, evaluate it to make sure it follows these principles:

  • Short and concise
  • Easy to read, easy to understand

The Nova Scotia Human Rights Commission meets regularly with organizations to discuss human rights principles at work and to support organizations seeking to develop or improve their workplace policies.
To arrange a consultation call 902-424-4111 (Halifax) or toll-free at 1-877-269-7699.

A policy is only as good as how it is enforced

To keep your policies active, keep these things in mind: