Personnel Records

Employers keep personnel records for a variety of reasons:

  • Employers are required by provincial/federal legislation to keep confidential, accurate, complete and current personnel records. The links and information you need can be found at Labour and Advanced Education - Employment Records.
  • It allows them to track absence levels, staff turnover, sickness, accidents, lateness, discipline, etc., and take appropriate and timely action.
  • It ensures that workers receive their correct pay, holidays, pension and other entitlements and benefits.
  • It can help monitor fair and consistent treatment of staff, for example in relation to promotion and discipline, and for worker development purposes.
  • It can provide a defense for the employer if legal issues arise.

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Record of Employment

Employers are required to provide the employee with a Record of Employment (separation papers) after the employment relationship ends.

The How to Complete the ROE Form – User Guide for information provides information on where to find, and how to fill out the ROE form.

Questions about Records of Employment and employment insurance should be directed to the nearest Employment Insurance Centre, Human Resources and Social Development Canada (HRSDC)

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